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Time For EuRA!


This week finds some of the Curzon team in Warsaw, Poland for one of our favorite relo events of the year - the EuRA conference.

As always, we look forward to plenty of learning and networking...and hopefully exploring a bit of Warsaw during those rare moments of downtime! A fascinating capital that is simultaneously rich with history yet invigoratingly new - about 85% of the city had to be reconstructed after World War II - the onetime 'Paris of the East' has much to offer. So here are a few helpful resources to help us all make the most of our time in Warsaw; we hope you can join us for a few adventures this week.

From the Telegraph, '36 Hours in Warsaw' gives a handy rundown of spots to eat, sites to visit, walks to take and more - check it out here.

Travel and Leisure highlights the recent revival of the city's downtown scene, with its hip bars, restaurants, and nightlife options...tread carefully here mid-conference-week, we've heard the city can party.

We always find Lonely Planet's guides accessible, throrough, and fun - here's their rundown on Warsaw. Another great alternative is In Your Pocket.

Now for an important bit of local etiquette to note - especially if you love hitting up local restaurants as much as we do. We're sure you've brushed up on your basic Polish, know that 'thank you' is 'dziękuje,' and are ready to deploy that at the end of a delicious meal. However, bear in mind that locally, 'thank you' at the end of service indicates that you're completely finished with the transaction and don't want any change back - potentially very awkward. If you're settling up with your server or bartender and do indeed want some change back, say 'proszę,' or 'please,' instead. The more you know!

Looking forward to deploying that knowledge with everyone this week!

Cheers, or Twoje Zdrowie!

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