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halloween-959006_960_720.jpgHappy Halloween, folks. Coming as it does on a Monday, we're all feeling a bit Halloween'd out around these parts (read: NYC celebrated all weekend long...including Thursday...and we're all out of costumes now that the actual holiday has arrived), so let's address the day in our own way: a roundup of real estate related stories, each somewhat scary in its own way.

In last week's Curzon Klatch, we opened with some big and bad Airbnb news for New Yorkers - to say nothing of all the times we've covered their ups and downs right here on the blog - so here's a spooky stat for you: in light of last week's ruling making it illegal for NYC renters to advertise their apartments for short-term stays, more than half of current Airbnb listings in New York are now technically considered illegal. Fines of up to $7,500? Possible eviction by your landlord? That sounds plenty frightening to us.

So it's not that billionaires are particularly scary in and of themselves - though certain ones who've been in the news quite a bit of late could be considered such, not naming any names - but I think we can all agree that NYC real estate prices are generally terrifying (fear not - we're here to take the edge off your home search!). Well, combine the two concepts, and you have this fun bit of data from Property Shark - the twelve wealthiest people in the world could, between them, purchase all - yes, ALL - of Manhattan's real estate..and then some. Their handy infographic below shows a conceivable way to divvy up the neighborhoods:Manhattan-billionaires.png

And finally - some literally spooky listings, courtesy of Streeteasy...although this waterfront six bedroom house in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, is actually kind of gorgeous.

Happy hauntings out there, everyone.

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