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Love it or hate it - and yours truly was firmly in the latter camp as a kid - it's back to school time. This time of year brings cooler weather, new beginnings, and all manner of change. Lots to look forward to - so here's a roundup of some educational news from the New York area and all over the world, just in time to get us ready for the season.

First up - and of particular interest to our international, expat, and relocation folks - an interesting article from the BBC. London is apparently the most educated spot in Europe, surpassing even the usual high-ranking bits of Scandinavia. As per Andreas Schleicher, the director of education for the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), these stats reflect the fact that "today higher education is the new normal that reflects labour demand in the high-wage, knowledge-based economies of large cities."

As for across the pond: all those recent grads of institutions of higher learning who are ready to take their shiny new degrees into New York City's workforce? They're going to need somewhere to live. Streeteasy has a handy guide for new graduates starting out in the city, complete with a starting salary/rent calculator. Well worth checking out even if you're not a New York City newbie - we all want our next great, affordable home

Also from Streeteasy - a detailed guide for parents to the NYC elementary school system. All your questions about school zones, school districts, enrollment, and more are answered here. We know all too well how the New York home search can be complicated by a concurrent school search - read up, take a look around our listings, and let us help you with your needs, whether real estate or relocation related.

Happy autumn! 


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